Think You Don't Need A Legal Separation Agreement? Think Again

The divorce process happens gradually, over the course of a months. Even fairly simple, uncontested divorces cases take time. At some point after you file for divorce, it may occur to you that you are in a transitional period, still married but separated from your partner. This time can bring with it some feelings of insecurity and financial problems, unless you take the time to make an agreement that covers the transition with some legal provisions. [Read More]

Questions to Ask When You Are Hiring a Traffic Law Attorney

If you have received a traffic ticket, you may be considering hiring an attorney to help you fight the ticket. Fighting traffic tickets is becoming more prominent with companies popping up that focus specifically on this task. This is because the cost of fines for traffic tickets are expensive and your insurance can increase if you are found guilty of the infraction you are said to have committed. But before you hire a traffic law attorney, it is important to understand that not every law firm is the same. [Read More]

Don't Go Out For Drinks Without Knowing These DUI Facts

Meeting friends at a bar across town is something thousands of people do on a Friday or Saturday night. If you plan to be one of those, however, you'll likely need to sort out how to get there and back home without driving if you're going to consume alcohol. So many people think they'll drive themselves without making plans for what to do if they have too many cocktails; DUI arrests are not uncommon. [Read More]

About To Evacuate Before A Hurricane? How To Make Your Insurance Claims Process Easier

If you're preparing to evacuate before a hurricane hits your area but aren't sure what you can do to minimize the amount of work you'll need to do upon your return, your best bet is to prepare as though your home will be a total loss—that is, to document your belongings and personal property in a way that makes it difficult for an insurance adjuster to deny any later claims of loss. [Read More]